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Sharon Leya is a creative tinkerer and entertainment industry professional with a special focus on children’s content. For over two decades, she's lent her voice to promotions for beloved children’s shows like Barbie, Paw Patrol, Blue's Clues, and Dora the Explorer. She is trained in comedic improv and the creator of two award-winning comedy short films.

Sharon's passion for creative writing has taken center stage since becoming a new mother. Notably, she's authored the groundbreaking 30-book series "My Donor Story," designed to educate donor-conceived children about genetics, conception, and family.

Sharon's candid writing style effectively engages young minds on complex and sometimes awkward topics, earning her admiration for educating while blending humor with authenticity.

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It's not's yo!
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It's Not EWWWW...It's YOU!

Kids will learn how the grossest things we snicker at are actually incredible marvels of nature that help them stay healthy and strong. And be sure to look closely at the illustrations – there are delightful and humorous treasures on every spread, skillfully crafted by the talented Janne Maru, Illustrator.

"It's Not's YOU" is a side-splitting invitation to share a good laugh, while delivering a focused and engaging bite-sized STEM-based lesson in health sciences.

My Donor Story Series

My Donor Story is a series of children's books that lovingly explains donor conception, and uses simple language to illustrate the basic concepts of genetics. With beautiful illustrations by Janne Maru, a helpful discussion guide by the Jewish Fertility Foundation and a strong emphasis on diversity and gender inclusiveness, My Donor Story provides a first-of-its-kind series for children to understand their unique conception story.

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Gabriel's Tooth Fairy Tale

Coming Soon

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